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Settall always adhere to the "service innovation" principle, and constantly improve service and support capabilities, set up in Beijing as the center, with Shanghai as the center and agency service system, the formation of a certain size of support services network, provide timely, and thoughtful service for the user. "Settall technology to continuously improve customer satisfaction" as the goal, to convenient communication channels, fast and efficient response time, professional services and technology to improve product quality to customer satisfaction and popular.

A, pre-sale service

Pre-sales consulting:

Before the purchase, if you want to know Settall technology product information, we can provide solutions and technical support for you.


If you want to study the performance of products in the purchase of products before, we can be certain products to the test site, and an online demo allows you more intuitive understanding of our products.


If you want a deeper understanding of the product function, we can in the company or to your request with the product to your use of the site, and demonstrates the use of products, according to your requirements proposed buying advice.


In order to enable you to grasp the method of using the product quickly, we will provide operator training service for you.

Two, the sale of services

Field investigation -- -- -- -- online debugging acceptance training services -- technical support -- telephone support service




      Three, information service

      Browse Settall technology development limited company website: or

      Data delivery service: via email or mail to you, the technical information, product news and solutions.

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