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To solve the application of coal mine monitoring system

One, overview


With China's increasing emphasis on the coal mine safety production work, video monitoring system is becoming more and more prominent reflects the important status of coal mine safety production. Because the coal mine production site for down hole operation, from the ground, complex terrain, light is dark, bad environment, harmful, toxic, flammable and explosive gas and more underground, so prone to accidents.

The remote video monitoring system, effectively solve the ground monitoring safety management personnel real-time control of underground operation, not only can visually monitor and record the underground work site safety production situation, but as soon as possible to find out the hidden dangers timely treatment, nip in the bud, can also provide the first hand data for later analysis. The accident. Therefore, the remote video monitoring system is an important part of the monitoring system of modern coal mine safety production.

Some of the current coal use video monitoring system are simulated monitoring early, not high performance and stability. Now with the development of network technology and computer technology, the application of TCP/IP protocol based on IP network has been widely popularized. The rapid development of high-speed access system for high-speed broadband backbone network is built and each area, promote a variety of video communication application based on IP technology, such as the development of network remote video monitoring system. So the introduction of remote video monitoring system of modern network in the coal mine safety monitoring system will be a trend. From the perspective of technology and management, monitoring of coal mine safety system network is an inevitable trend. Using TCP/IP network monitoring system is the network communication, mine control center server may at any time to each substation data extraction, and the server for data storage, alarm, display, print.

Two, the system


Advantage much of the existing coal enterprises using the analog video signal, has great limitations: firstly, the transmission cable of the analog video signal is very sensitive to the distance, when the transmission distance is greater than a certain distance (usually the most far only 1000 meters), video and control signal is easy to generate attenuation, distortion, delay, and vulnerable to interference, it makes the whole system practical application value is reduced, thus unable to detect subtle hidden dangers of accidents; secondly, cable analog video surveillance could not connect to the Internet, can only point to point the way to monitor the scene, and the wiring engineering quantity increase, the system is not conducive to long time overall maintenance and upgrade in the future; finally, cable analog video signal data storage costs a lot of storage media, query evidence very cumbersome and not easy to screening evidence.

The advantages of the network video monitoring system is to overcome the limitations of analog closed-circuit television monitoring: firstly, digital video can be in the computer network (LAN or WAN) on the transmission of image data, basically no distance limit, the signal is not susceptible to interference, can greatly improve the image quality and stability; secondly, digital video using the computer network, the network bandwidth can be reused, without repeated wiring; in addition, digital storage possible, after compressed video data can be stored in disk arrays or stored in the disc, ten simple and fast query.

In addition, the network video monitoring system provides data interface, the weighing link of coal transportation data collection, through scientific means, the weight data and video data with the actual data, visual reality trucks carrying coal

Three, system composition

According to the site conditions existing advanced technology and application of link, we use the network video monitoring system, this system based on embedded Web server, system uses VXWORKS operating system, safe and reliable, obtain better network video transmission. In the external environment, in the global mine is to construct a optical fiber as the transmission medium of Gigabit Ethernet LAN, which can realize the rapid transmission of voice and video, which provides good conditions for the application of network video monitoring system based on embedded Web server.

In addition, coal is proposed to be the image acquisition device of video monitoring function more powerful, not only can realize the video under weak light collection, but also to achieve in the long distance tunnel of light or no video image acquisition and light conditions, so in this system in the first refers to the series of SSK laser night vision, implementation of remote can a piece of equipment (infrared light can not reach the distance) video capture zero light conditions, the equipment in the underground zero light video acquisition area range, far monitoring distance, from the fundamental solution to the routing of multiple point monitoring in coal mine within the complex and video capture device is not easy to repair the problem.

System considering the coal mine safety involves in many factors, so the matched with the system of video monitoring system and smoke sensor alarm system, flammable gas alarm flow monitoring and drainage system, alarm system, in order to make the system are combined better for coal mine safety production services, video monitoring system and the alarm system has linkage function, namely when a point alarm system one of the alarm signal, related surveillance camera video surveillance will automatically alarm signal is issued for real-time video acquisition, at the same time the ground monitoring center of safety management of the host page will jump out alarm video image with buzzer alarm sound, the ground safety management work is found for the first time safety hidden trouble and times and underground work personnel from the danger to avoid accidents.

The overall structure of coal mine safety system is as follows:

Four, the monitoring front end

Video output night-vision camera and underground connection to the network video server by BNC, and then through the RJ45 connector will network video server is connected to the network, and then set an IP address for the network video server, you can rely on the existing fast LAN, realize anywhere in the local area network, work authorized users can use the browser to watch the underground.

All kinds of alarm signal output by related auxiliary equipment connected to the network video server.

Network video server includes a built-in WEB server, it can enhance the performance of traditional monitoring system, and is in a secure intranet or Internet monitoring image provides network connectivity. The video camera management, configuration and monitoring -- all these are just at your fingertips to complete through the Microsoft IE standard WEB browser.

Five, the monitoring center

Ground safety management center mainly by the monitoring server, monitor customer terminal etc.. Completed the main mining area of scene image receiving and display, user login management, assignment of priority, coordinated control signal, real-time monitoring image, video storage, retrieval, playback,backup, recovery etc.


Configuration monitoring server one in the network, the installation center server monitoring software, the central server, the front camera for each substation video server, back-end management of Internet users all at the same time take video, alarm and other functions. Install monitoring customer from one to several machines in the duty room, monitoring the user first login server monitoring, input user name and password, to obtain the corresponding authorization, which can access to the front end of the camera, also can install a large-screen display (or back projectors, plasma display), using the powerful function of system software, can be in the big screen also showed that the 1/4/6/8/9/10/16 camera footage. The system can also be used in conventional TV wall display mode.

System to various mining areas, all closed loadometer data, image monitoring and surveillance, so that can real-time, direct understanding and grasp of the mining area of the situation, and timely response to happen.

The monitoring server is powerful, can manage dozens of mines and dozens or even hundreds of online users, after the mine capacity expansion, the dispatch center without increasing the hardware equipments; system can log ten video images at the same time, to meet the application receives forwarding all online customers; the system has perfect video service: artificial video, video and alarm video program, storage, retrieval, image database file backup and recovery of large; with video playback ability strong, can be based on user submitted online application independently for the user to provide video retrieval and playback, can at the same time, a large number of users request response; system also has a user authentication mechanism (user name, password, password, the front-end system priority) mechanism, strong central coordination mechanism (concurrent applications, image transmitting, recording application, concurrency control and coordination), the whole system software platform based on the advanced standard, and the future direction of development.

Six, summary

The system uses the mature WEB technology, the system provides a good human-computer interface for users to access the system through a browser mode, the client. After any one computer / network notebook computer by installing the client image control monitoring system, monitoring client terminal can become a fully functional. Customers can whenever and wherever possible the scene to see the required image data and loadometer. The system can display the image on screen, and can arbitrarily control the lens. For the data system is to loadometer curves, histogram and forms in the form of visual performance, if need can also through the computer and the front end staff dialogue.


With the TCP/IP technology development and application fields are bound to the embedded Web server, video monitoring system IP technology can be widely used in coal mine production safety monitoring and alarm based on, and will affect the direction of the mine safety monitoring system.

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