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Monitoring and management system of prison

One, overview


Prison monitoring system is to guard against the kind of comprehensive management system for special groups and activities. The system design objective is to prison, prison inmates, perimeter zone outdoor activities area, open wide area real-time video observation, alarm; so that the regulatory forces master Emergency Supervision within the region in the first period of time, to find and solve, reduce the management strength, improve the management, but also facilitate out of video forensics data; an important place to prevent escapes prison close surveillance; and exposure event. And through the image motion detection and alarm system linkage control, building security monitoring management system effectively.

Monitoring system design of prison multimedia control management of computer network technology based on linkage, control, monitoring video alarm, storage, transmission, inquiry into the unified management of the computer network, the two complement each other, complement each other, work together to build system of prison monitoring system utility, efficiency, fast. Offers the advanced technological means for prison closed-circuit monitoring system, so as to guarantee the whole prison security.

The system most major equipment have anti-damage function, circuit breaker, short circuit, and can alarm. Keep the system intact and can be compatible with other optional equipment

Two, functional analysis.

       (One), video surveillance, perimeter alarm system

Performance depends on the evidence effect of video monitoring system in the front-end video capture device, this scheme takes the lead in the prison monitoring system introduced the Settall series of circadian laser video capture device; the device is powerful, can't only realize video collection in the daytime conditions, but also can realize remote (infrared light can't reach the distance light) even without the video image acquisition and light conditions, the zero light video acquisition area range, far monitoring distance, from the fundamental solution to the routing of multiple point monitoring and complexity of the video capture device is not easy to repair the problem; all-weather 24 hours of video monitoring equipment for real.

Perimeter protection system using laser and infrared intrusion alarm system, the device has low false alarm rate, detection distance (up to several kilometers). Intrusion alarm system and video capture system self-contained and, when the alarm system is triggered, sirens and video linkage function started at the same time, namely the video in a siren alarm at the same time at the same time the camera steering position for video capture, the whole system startup is less than ten seconds, effectively avoids manual operation for long time and can not find the the problem of the target.

Because the prison system relates to the safety factors, in order to improve the whole system, so the matching with the application of video surveillance system can be extended reservation interface and smoke sensor alarm system, flammable gas alarm system.

System structure as shown below:

(Two), wireless communication and wired communication monitoring system blocking

Wireless communication is the most effective tool for saving time for today's information communication, such communication tools in addition to mobile phone, miniature wireless telephone, radio, wireless headphones, Mike, micro wireless intercom; in order to improve the overall prison management, reduce the management personnel's working strength, cut off the prisoner and the outside the wireless communication channel is very important; wireless communication blocking equipment any wireless communication equipment installation can effectively block the operating frequency range is 870-880MHz, 930-960MHz, 1805-1850MHz, 1900-1920MHz.

The working principle is as follows

At the same time the system is embedded in the wired communication monitoring system, namely in the wired communication port at the embedded listener, when the line is switched on, phone will ring, start recording function, start a cable monitoring system after the phone does not produce any noise and interference signal; is a powerful tool for collecting audio forensics.


Three, system management mode

The prison system is divided into three class management mode

Class management: is the prison security command and control center is a prison computer LAN integration, tandem, exchange center, in principle, only the direct control of the division controlling center, can be arbitrary dispatching control center management information, is the highest management system local.

Two levels of management: the prison prison set up branch control center, directly control the security subsystem of the prison area, complete the visual, listening, control function, is the prison area intelligent integration center, the division controlling center are respectively arranged in each prison area, plant, police barracks, prison door access control police room, kitchen, prisoners prison hospital, the teaching building and outdoor areas etc..

Third level for the remote administration: including supervisors and agencies, the monitoring system by remote call screen to achieve remote real-time inspection.

The relationship between the local three prison is each level has its own responsibility, but at the same time correlation. Such as intercom, alarm and monitoring request request; the sub-control center besides monitoring completed any video, mainly to complete the camera video storage, alarm functions, such as: automatic pop-up related pictures, electronic map, alarm video, the video signal is transmitted to the monitoring center prison; prison is needed real-time video image or video call all the division controlling center of arbitrary camera, monitoring activities can command, management, coordination, control of subordinate departments .

Four, summary.

The objective of this programme in addition to maintain security at the prison, another equally important purpose is to serve management, to provide modern means of management, monitoring system design shall follow the following principles, performance and price in order to achieve the best effect and the best ratio.

One  practical:

System design should meet the needs of prison administration work, such as video motion detection, the cloud mirror control allocation and cloud mirror control linkage alarm. In addition to the above functions, and system and monitoring alarm system, video record linkage utility function.

Two  advanced:

Must understand and anticipate the social development in the next few years of closed-circuit television monitoring requirements, the system must adapt to the technology development direction, has some advance scalability, in the development process can be continuously extended, enables the system to adapt in a fairly long period of time and the development of science and technology, equipment has the development potential the choice should be the implementation of the system after a number of years, also can keep its perfect function, complete, not backward.

In this scheme, the control center using the video capture device and digital video recording equipment type of today's most advanced as the core of the whole system, the whole system is advanced and practical. Because every action link normal circadian video equipment night poor imaging quality unable to clearly identify and record the target, and Settall series of circadian laser video capture device used in this program not only can collect all kinds of video data in the daytime, recording video data best visual effect can also be in the night; and this system introduce video video system can be updated through a variety of ways, to maintain the advanced nature of the whole system, such as: software version upgrade, upgrade the hardware fittings etc..


Three  reliability:

All use of technology and equipment, must have been proved to be a "mature and engineering oriented", need to fully consider various kinds of situations may be encountered in the construction, avoid various unstable factors, ensure project quality.

Four efficiency:

The final purpose of prison system application monitoring system is to enhance the prison safety efforts, to maximize the conservation of the police, so as to improve the supervision efficiency, reduce labor intensity. Therefore, the system should be designed to fully reflect the design concept of "strengthening the police with science and technology", to ensure the effective, efficient operation of the system.

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