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All-weather monitoring and management solutions

        Channel management as the main content of China's maritime system, is always the focus of transportation supervision part, its main function is to improve the shipping quality and shipping efficiency, guarantee the seagoing vessels sailing safety, promoting peace, security channel smooth operator. By setting the wireless video monitoring system, real-time monitoring of hydrographic data, navigation and channel video, can effectively improve the maintenance quality and intensity of field management channel.


Design background


       System definition: is a specific application of digital waterway remote night all-weather management system in the Yangtze River waterway, rivers, sea lanes and other fields, is a professional and technical system using remote sensing, control, geographical system, broadband network, communication, computer vision, multimedia technology, digital, networking, intelligent and visualization, is integrated information infrastructure and information system is a network image; microwave wireless digital communication technology, optical fiber communication technology, digital processing technology, IP communication technology and other advanced integrated monitoring system; is a supplement to the digital channel, can be in a variety of harsh climate environment 24 hours of remote monitoring, real-time recording channel field situation, timely discovery aids to navigation, navigation condition, illegal sand mining and occupied channel etc. phenomenon, as the channel, bridge safety, flood control and flood control, water rescue, the management of water resources, water conservancy facilities, water environment monitoring and providing good management, and according to the state of emergency in the channel site in the remote emergency command and dispatch function, at the same time can realize and environmental monitoring equipment and system effective linkage Pollution index, obtain relevant data and video form data backup unified, decision-making and law enforcement basis as marine, maritime, channel management, water conservancy departments, water departments, flood control and drought defense emergency departments.


A system.


        With the development of safety information, traditional monitoring equipment due to small monitoring range, resolution is low, poor night vision. Such problems have been far can not meet the application requirements of large area channel transport safety management. Digital remote monitoring system can realize the circadian channel, a few kilometers to the monitoring distance of several tens of kilometers, system capable of penetrating fog imaging technology, control ability of various weather conditions improve, and gradually realize the remote distant night all-weather imaging function. This system is mature and integrated level of similar products in the domestic and international advanced level, so it is widely used in safety navigation channel, channel IDS, bridge navigation safety monitoring and other aspects; the implementation of channel transport monitoring project will promote the construction of modern shipping safety in China, further improve the modernization level of Science and technology of shipping management, provides effective solutions to strengthen the administrative department in charge of the channel dynamics and the supervision level of equipment.


       The channel of wireless monitoring solutions recommended every 500 meters construction channel fixed wireless video monitoring, every 5 kilometers river monitoring, can access the optical fiber. According to the basic condition of monitoring sites, the articles for long distance wireless video transmission network bridge formation, patrol ships, shore fixed point monitoring front-end equipment using a series of wireless DVS can communicate to achieve image upload and acquisition function and center.


System architecture


Structure diagram of wireless system




Optical fiber line chart


Project features 


A.  High reliability of video data acquisition code equipment, 24 hours all-weather long-term stable and reliable operation;

B.  Wireless coverage and wireless transmission and optical fiber transmission

C.  Combination, to solve the complex channel environment, integrated wiring problem;field environment;

D.  All-weather monitoring function fixed and mobile monitoring combination, satisfying channel stereo day-night imaging needs.


Equipment selection


      The introduction of remote HD, standard white fog imaging night-vision all-weather system, divided into laser night vision system and the infrared thermal imaging system, execute 24 hours of video surveillance and evidence on the routes and illegal behavior; system can be intuitive, real, effective, real-time monitoring channel site conditions, combined with video analysis discovery channel abnormal operation automatically alarm in time, to operation, traffic conditions, illegal sand mining, occupied channel phenomenon timely scheduling supervision ships on-site processing; the first time the channel live video back to the command center, the command center through the screen of command and dispatch electronic monitoring system, in time to stop the illegal acts and destruction, and the monitoring points, monitoring and implementation of GIS system linkage; system can truly happen before, after and process the real record of channel events, using the record retrieval.


      This system is the special equipment Settall technology and R & D and production according to the channel and water features for shipboard equipment and channel outside the erection equipment, system integration and salt spray processing technology and image jitter-prevention processing technology, together with the use of GIS satellite positioning technology, can effectively solve the omni directional monitoring solution.




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