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Solution techniques applied to automotive night vision system

Technical background:


Night vision technology is based on photoelectric imaging of a photoelectric technology night observation device; mainly includes two aspects of LLL night vision and infrared night vision. The LLL night vision technology is also known as enhanced technology, through the belt image intensifier night-vision goggles tube, weak target to illuminate the night sky like enhancement, for observation of electro-optical imaging technology. Infrared night vision technology is divided into active infrared night vision technology and passive infrared night vision technology; active infrared night vision technology is the goal through active exposure to and use of infrared reflectance infrared light source to implement the observed night-vision technology; passive infrared (thermal imaging) technology which adopts a photoelectric effect semiconductor detector, the radiation image scene into charge image, by the information processing, by the display device into visible image.


Automotive night vision technology is a kind of industry application case produced in the process of the development of night vision technology. Night vision technology from the development process is a conversion technology, after 2000, all famous foreign cars such as the BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and so on to the car night vision technology, domestic well-known brand cars such as the red flag also will this technology successfully into the automobile industry in China in the field of application.


Therefore, this concept car night vision instrument is one of the highly valued by night vision equipment manufacturers, thus forming a series of car night vision products. Automotive night vision products according to different imaging principle can be divided into: infrared thermal imaging night-vision light car, car night vision system, active infrared night vision instrument of automobile. Infrared thermal imaging car night vision instrument can only see people and objects, can not see the true face of the object, but also the cost is high, is from the tank night-vision transformation, but is not influenced by fog and snow and other complex weather. LLL automotive night-vision certain moonlight, stars or open the car headlights to see objects, if there is no light would see nothing, no fog, but such products are lower cost. Active infrared night vision instrument is automobile goal through active exposure to and use of infrared reflectance infrared light source to implement night-vision observation of infrared light, infrared LED light source is the most commonly used and nearly two years just rise of infrared laser light source, this kind of product cost can penetrate the thin mist.


No matter what kind of car night vision instrument are frequency and its harmfulness to make trucks, buses, cars and other vehicles in the night driving accidents decreased; the driver can be the equivalent of driving environment during the day at night, improve the driver correctly the position of an object; it can effectively reduce accidents, guarantee the safety of the driver, can make the driver see farther in the night, the road show more clearly.


Application of design pattern of automotive night vision technology:


Car night vision function is mainly composed of front-end image acquisition equipment (automotive night-vision), the backend host display equipment and front-end and back-end communication module is composed of three parts, the specific structure is as below:



Automotive night vision system in accordance with the principles of communication can be divided into: automotive night-vision wired communication system and automotive night-vision wireless communication system


(a) the main equipment of car night vision cable communication system with


A, automotive night vision instrument;

B, automotive night-vision fixed chuck;

C, a four core cable (including video transmission line and night vision instrument power transmission line);

D, an on-board computer LCD screen;

E, car special micro power supply and connecting line.


The specific operating mode as shown below


Automotive night vision wired communication system is to realize the signal transmission through the cable connection, the wired connection won't exceed 50 meters, so as not to generate the video signal attenuation, the effect is clear, accurate, real-time imaging.


(two) the main equipment of vehicle wireless communication system with night vision:


A, automotive night vision instrument;

B, automotive night-vision fixed chuck;

C, wireless video transmission module (including wireless video transmission module power lithium battery and connecting wires and night-vision video);

D, wireless video receiving module (including wireless video receiving module power lithium battery and an on-board computer liquid crystal display video cable);

E, an on-board computer LCD screen;

F, car special micro power supply and connecting line;

G, car special battery charger.


The specific operating mode as shown below:




Automotive night-vision wireless communication system is to realize the signal transmission through the wireless transmission function, because the wireless connection without wiring installation is simple, so whether the owner is trained to installation and debugging, the application is convenient, and no need of professional learning.




Installation of the whole car night vision equipment is simple without line and circuit modified cars, effectively improve the product widely used in various types of vehicles, security to various models of the driver can easily have the car night vision. Settall launched a series of special road all-weather and night vision system industry professional technology products manufacturer for the first. The entire road special all-weather night vision system using far infrared technology, high-definition imaging technology, semiconductor laser technology, image processing, automobile reverse light inhibition and other advanced technology, motor vehicles, the monitoring sections of non-motorized Road all-weather real-time monitoring, two-way lane to identify the vehicle flow, vehicle. Reverse, violation of traffic sign line driving, parking, collision, fire and other emergency situations to make alarm, and timely transfer of cut to the scene, to facilitate the timely and accurate dispatch and command processing.

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