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NW-IR series remote multi-band night vision system


NW-IR series of long distance multi band night vision system can not only stable display more than 2000 meters night vision object, can also capture the foggy weather long-range goals, the color image can show more than 3000 meters, is far away from the super Settall do band leader outstanding products of night vision system line, image digital circuit and advanced image processing algorithms can provide a smooth and delicate. Special design, infrared lens multiple optical zoom, both search and observe the dual application requirements.

The shell is made of super aluminum alloy material to IP67 protection grade, ensure the equipment running long in harsh environments. Suitable for application of various circadian monitoring scene.



Electrical parameters

Supply  voltage

The optional AC/DC24V (± 20%) 50/60Hz

Consumed power


Monitoring distance

The night  10  ~ 2000 meters

the day 500 ~ 3500 meters

Imaging sensor


1/2 "SONY super infrared CCD

Image detector

Optional vanadium oxide silicon

The night of conversion

Day and night dual-mode automatic switching


The optional PAL/NTSC system


The optional 20 -3 0 optical zoom

Infrared lens

The optional 10 times 5 times optical zoom, digital zoom



Video denoising


Infrared laser parameters

Laserwave length

The optional 808nm\850nm


Laser power

Optical power output 20W

The lighting angle

52°Electric adjustable Support dualfunction times synchronous zooming and manual

Homogenization technology

MINI column

The laser lens

Aspheric lens, infrared transmittance rate of 99%

The laser driver

Bidirectional synchronous rectifier, three level of protection, non delayed start, digital filtering multiple advanced protection technology

The optical axis alignment

Three-dimensional axial adjustment, the external regulation

Laser type

Military semiconductor laser

Communication control

Control interface


The address range


Communication system

RS-485 422 duplex


The optional PelcoP, D compatible baud rate 1200, 2400

Physical specifications


45K G

Levels of protection


Mechanical parameters


Aluminium alloy

Drive style

Stepper motor gear or worm gear drive

Spin velocity

Level: 0 40 ° /s;

Vertical 0 ~ 30 ° /s

Rotation range

Optional: level 0 ~ 360 ° continuous rotation, or 0 ~ 355 °

Vertical: -70 ~ +20 °

Operating environment

Environmental temperature

-55°C+ 65°C


<90%( No condensation)

Lightning protection function

Power supply interface4500V, Communication and video interface 2500V


Day and night the same focal function: diurnal critical point color with black switching images without manual adjustment can achieve clear image focusing function.

Light automatic adjustment function: according to the external light intensity, automatically adjust the brightness of laser, the night was observed object is clearly visible in the effective range, effectively avoid excessive or insufficient exposure.

Laser external regulation: external adjustment mechanism, debugging is simple.

Function: uniform grating laser illumination system with multiple homogeneous alignment process, uniform light exposure, spot and CCD imaging system to maintain accurate consistency and alignment, no polarization or more refractive reflection phenomenon, imaging more clear picture clean.

Double synchronous rectification technology: equipment power supply adopts double synchronous rectification technology, power conversion efficiency of more than 97%.

Photoinhibition in case of strong protection function: when will instantly cut off the CCD induction interface, effectively protect CCD against light damage.

Through the fog function: equipment using antifogging window, system capable of penetrating fog function in moderate climates.

Synchronous zoom function: when opening night laser, laser irradiation angle automatically adapt to the camera system imaging perspective, can realize the lens angle changes automatically follow the change of laser spot, automatic adjustment of laser irradiation angle and intensity.

Laser position with power-off memory function: this function effectively avoid power after the restart, return laser flashlight effect produced when the detection laser angle collimation system self-check; is conducive to improve the accuracy of vision and night video capture.

Internal temperature control: device with built-in heating and refrigeration equipment, heating equipment, high temperature in the low temperature starting refrigeration device, ensure the equipment in harsh conditions for a long time the normal and stable operation.

Doublet special windows: internal and external anti-frosting fog, dust free of external water wiper window, suitable for field application requirements, effectively avoid the dust wiper blade wiper fixed and aging brings engineering and maintenance costs increase maintenance.

Equipment surface treatment: three outdoor plastic process, acid corrosion resistance to sea water.

Dual video superposition technique: can display both visible and infrared images on a screen, and free switch.

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