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SSK\NW-LRP series variable angle multimode laser laser illuminator


NW-LRP series variable angle multimode laser illuminator is mainly applied in the nighttime video surveillance auxiliary lighting, with the use of black and white or color CCD or COMOS camera or the night-vision device, composed of night vision monitoring system for all weather conditions, especially at night, long continuous surveillance camera, also in order to dark without light conditions monitor screen clear and accurate energy. It is suitable for high-speed ball machine, bolt and PTZ,the light source automatic zoom, light plastic uniformity of infrared laser night vision technology, through the combination of optical system for high power semiconductor laser and patented technology, the light output can reach the highest efficiency.

Light source chip to seal the deal, can be widely applied to at night, bad environment, long distance, large range of real-time monitoring of the occasion, is the best choice for night vision monitoring system based on.



Electrical parameters

Supply  voltage

The optional AC/DC24V (± 20%) 50/60Hz

Consumed power

20W(laser opening)

Monitoring distance

The night  10  ~ 1000 meters

Infrared laser parameters

Laserwave length

The optional 808nm\940nm


Laser power


The lighting angle

48°Electric adjustable Support dualfunction times synchronous zooming and manual

Homogenization technology

MINI column

The laser lens

Aspheric lens, infrared transmittance rate of 99%

The laser driver

Bidirectional synchronous rectifier, three level of protection, non delayed start, digital filtering multiple advanced protection technology

The optical axis alignment

Three-dimensional axial adjustment, the external regulation

Laser type

Military semiconductor laser

Communication control

Control interface

RS-485/ RS-232

Physical specifications


0.5K G

Mechanical parameters


 Aluminum alloy, copper composites

Operating environment

Environmental temperature

-55°C+ 75°C


<90%( No condensation)

Working temperature

-20℃~ +70℃(refer to derating curve

Operating humidity

20%90% RH, non-condensation

Storage temperature


Humidity storage

10%95% RH,


Constant flow stability

For better than 0.1%

Ripple current

Less than 50mV

Short circuit protection, current limit protection

Driving circuit size

60 * 40 * 26 (unit: mm)

The intelligent synchronous zoom: and the lens zoom to achieve synchronization interface.

Night vision distance auxiliary lighting distance up to 1000-2000 meters.

Light automatic adjustment function: according to the external light intensity, automatically adjust the laser light intensity, the night was observed object is clearly visible in the effective range, effectively avoid excessive or insufficient exposure

Function: uniform grating laser illumination system with multiple homogeneous alignment process, uniform light exposure, spot and CCD imaging system to maintain accurate consistency and alignment, no polarization or more refractive reflection phenomenon, imaging more clear picture clean.

A number of proprietary technologies: light homogenization, expanded beam shaping, perspective, and graphics NC red exposure correction, elimination of uniform compensation.

Synchronous zoom function: when opening night laser, laser irradiation angle automatically adapt to the camera system imaging perspective, can realize the lens angle changes automatically follow the change of laser spot, automatic adjustment of laser irradiation angle and intensity.

Laser position with power-off memory function: this function effectively avoid power after the restart, return laser flashlight effect produced when the detection laser angle collimation system self-check; is conducive to improve the accuracy of vision and night video capture.

Internal temperature control: heat and cooling device, when the low temperature start heating equipment, high temperature cooling device, ensure the equipment start under the bad conditions for a long time the normal and stable operation.

Power consumption is low and high efficiency: energy saving, long service life of key components.

Severe environment: machine adopts reinforcement treatment of advanced, can prevent dust, rain, anti-vibration, impact resistance.

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