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Beijing Settall Technology Development Co., Ltd. to build in 1999, , development, development and production of laser multi-wavelength light source. Independent registered in 2004, is the first batch of laser and infrared technology applications in the night vision monitoring field of R & D and production enterprises, professional institutions authorized by the Ministry of public security of the construction industry product quality for the industry's only a, Settall through years of independent research and development and the introduction of foreign technology to realize industrialization scale products, products line, advanced level of performance, the level of product quality to achieve or exceed the international similar products

Beijing Settall Technology Development Co.,Ltd, the company has always been adhering to the channel business commitments, is also a professional spirit of inherited. Adhering to the "steady development, sustainable development" concept, through scientific arrangement and production quality supervision into every aspect of the production process. Is a professional manufacturers specializing in security and high-tech product development and production, is also an excellent solution provider. Since its inception in the country enjoys a high reputation of professional enterprises, relying on experts, based on their own accumulated in the field of photoelectric technology, high technology and security technology and experience, success will own all kinds of patent technology and research and development of new products used in public security, road traffic, railway transportation, oil, border, Haiphong, troops, smuggling, water, electricity, forest fire prevention, preservation of cultural relics, factories and mines, security and other fields, provide effective technology to meet the needs of users in different sectors.

As security and optoelectronic products professional manufacturers, Settall technology closely follow the development trend of the international most advanced products and technology, the products have been exported to Taiwan and Southeast Asia, to win the international market of customers trust and support, and many manufacturers in close cooperation with the industry to provide OEM and ODM service providers, is fixed laser packaging center laser Asia the biggest driving; Settall people constantly strive to make products and technological achievements of the application of R & D unit outstanding to the domestic and foreign various domains. Standardized and scientific management system, high-quality staff, strong, reliable product performance, perfect after sale service system as well as the Settall people pursuit and unremitting efforts and innovation of science and technology, make Desuosike technology enterprises have developed rapidly in recent years, especially in the field of vision of security and high-tech product development. Even the strong showing of advantage, forming numerous outstanding scientific achievements, and accumulated rich experience in R & D and production, is a professional technology advocates and leaders.

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